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Franz Abt

The Sabbath [High, Low]

Adolphe Adam

Christmas Song (Oh, Holy Night) [High, Low]
Christmas Song [High, Low]

Johann Sebastian Bach

Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid (Cantata No. 58) [S, B]
Ach Herr, mein Gott, vergib mir's doch (Cantata No. 113) [S, A]
Ach! Wann wird die Zeit erschienen (Weihnachts Oratorium in German) [S, A, T]
Ach, wir bekennen unsre Schuld (Cantata No. 116) [S, T, B]
Ah! when shall we see salvation? (Christmas Oratorio in English) [S, A, T]
Alles, was von Gott geboren (Cantata No. 80) [S, B]
Barmherziges Herze der ewigen Liebe (Cantata No. 185) [S, T]
Beruft Gott selbst, so muss der Segen (Cantata No. 88) [S, A]
Christe eleison (Mass in B Minor) [S I/II]
Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt (Cantata No. 4) [S, A]
Der ewig reiche Gott (Cantata No. 192) [S, B]
Der Herr segne euch je mehr und mehr, euch und eure Kinder (Cantata No. 196) [T, B]
Dich hab ich je und je geliebet (Cantata No. 49) [S. B]
Die Armut, so Gott auf sich nimmt (Cantata No. 91) [S, A]
Domine Deus (Mass in B Minor) [SI, T]
Domine Deus (Mass in G Major) [S, A]
Du bereitest für mir einen Tisch (Cantata No. 112) [S, T]
Du musst glauben, du musst hoffen (Cantata No. 155) [A, T]
Du wahrer Gott und Davids Sohn (Cantata No. 23) [S, A]
Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe (Cantata No. 110) [S, T]
Ein unbegreiflich Licht erfüllt den ganzen Kreis der Erden (Cantata No. 125) [T, B]
Entziehe dich eilends, mein Herze, der Welt (Cantata No. 124) [S, A]
Er denket der Barmherzigkeit (Cantata No. 10) [A, T]
Er kennt die rechten Freudesstunden (Cantata No. 93) [S, A]
Et in unum Dominum (Mass in B Minor) [SI, A]
Gedenk an Jesu bittern Tod! (Cantata No. 101) [S, A]
Gesegnete Christen, glückselige Herde (Cantata No. 184) [S, A]
Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui sancto (Cantata No. 191) [S, T]
Gott hat uns im heurigen Jahre gesegnet (Cantata No. 28) [A, T]
Gott, ach Gott, verlass die Deinen Nimmermehr! (Cantata No. 79) [S, B]
Gott, der du die Liebe heißt (Cantata No. 33) [T, B]
Gott, du hast es wohl gefüget (Cantata No. 63) [S, B]
Gottes Wort, das trüget nicht (Cantata No. 167) [S, A]
Hat er es denn beschlossen (Cantata No. 97) [S, B]
Herr Gott Vater, mein starker Held! (Cantata No. 37) [S, A]
Herr, dein Mitlied (Weihnachts Oratorium in German) [S, B]
Herr, du siehst statt guter Werke (Cantata No. 9) [S, A]
Herz, zerreiß des Mammons Kette (Cantata No. 168) [S, A]
Händen, die sich nicht verschließen (Cantata No. 164) [S, B]
Ich bin nun achtzig Jahr (Cantata No. 71) [S, T]
Ich folge dir nach (Cantata No. 159) [S, A]
Ich fürchte {zwar, nicht} des Grabes Finsternissen (Cantata No. 66) [A, T]
Ich hab für mir ein schwere Reis (Cantata No. 58) [S, B]
Ich jauchze, ich lache, ich jauchze mit Schall (Cantata No. 15) [S, A]
Ich lebe, mein Herze, zu deinem Ergötzen (Cantata No. 145) [S, T]
Ich steh mit einem Fuß im Grabe (Cantata No. 156) [S, T]
Immanuel, belovèd name (Christmas Oratorio in English) [S, B]
Immanuel, o süsses Wort (Weihnachts Oratorium in German) [S, B]
Immortal Love [High, High]
In meinem Gott bin ich erfreut! (Cantata No. 162) [A, T]
Ist Gott versöhnt und unser Freund (Cantata No. 122) [S, A, T]
Jesu, meine Freud (Weihnachts Oratorium in German) [S, B]
Jesus soll mein alles sein (Cantata No. 190) [T, B]
Kann wohl ein Mensch zu Gott im Himmel steigen? (Cantata No. 194) [S, B]
Komm, mein Jesu (Cantata No. 21) [S, B]
Laß, Seele, kein Leiden (Cantata No. 186) [S, A]
Lobe den Herren, der künstlich und fein dich bereitet (Cantata No. 137) [S, B]
Lord, Thy mercy (Christmas Oratorio in English) [S, B]
Mein Freund ist mein (Cantata No. 140) [S, B]
Mein Jesu, mein Port (Cantata No. 15) [S, A, T, B]
Mein Letztes Lager will mich schrekken (Cantata No. 60) [A, T]
Meine Seele wartet auf den Herrn (Cantata No. 131) [A, T]
Nim mich mir (Cantata No. 163) [S, A]
Now Christ Is Risen [High, Low]
Now come let us hasten (Easter Oratorio in English) [T, B]
Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Cantata No. 36) [S, A]
Nun verschwinden alle Plagen (Cantata No. 32) [S, B]
O Menschenkind (Cantata No. 20) [A, T]
Ruft und fleht den Himmel an (Cantata No. 63) [A, T]
Seid wachsam, ihr heiligen Wächter (Cantata No. 149) [A, T]
Sein Allmacht zu ergründen (Cantata No. 128) [A, T]
Sie werden euch in den Bann tun (Cantata No. 44) [T, B]
So feiern wir das hohe Fest (Cantata No. 4) [S, T]
So geh ich mit beherzten Schritten (Cantata No. 111) [A, T]
So hat Gott die Welt geliebt (Cantata No. 173) [S, B]
Suscepit Israel (Magnificat in D Major) [S I/II, A]
Tis well! Thy name, O Lord (Christmas Oratorio in English) [S, B]
Uns treffen zwar der Sünden Flecken (Cantata No. 136) [T, B]
Verzage nicht, o Häuflein klein (Cantata No. 42) [S, T]
Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan (Cantata No. 100) [A, T]
Weichet, Furcht und Schrekken (Cantata No. 15) [S, A]
Welt, ade, ich bin dein müde (Cantata No. 158) [S, B]
Wenn des Kreuzes Bitterkeiten (Cantata No. 99) [S, A]
Wenn kömmst du, mein Heil? (Cantata No. 140) [S, B]
Wenn meine Trübsal als mit Ketten (Cantata No. 38) [S, A, B]
Wenn Sorgen auf mich dringen (Cantata No. 3) [S, A]
Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten (Cantata No. 59) [S, B]
Wie selig sind doch die, die Gott im Munde tragen (Cantata No. 80) [A, T]
Wie soll ich dich, Liebster der Seelen, umfassen? (Cantata No. 152) [S, B]
Wie will ich mich freuen (Cantata No. 146) [T, B]
Wir danken und preisen dein brünstiges Lieben (Cantata No. 134) [A, T]
Wir eilen mit schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten (Cantata No. 78) [S, A]
Wohl mir, Jesus ist gefunden (Cantata No. 154) [A, T]
Zedern müssen von den Winden (Cantata No. 150) [A, T, B]

J. C. Bartlett

The Day Is Ended [S, A]

Ludwig van Beethoven

In meinen Adern wühlen gerechter Zorn
Verkündet, Seraph; So ruhe den mit ganzer Schwere

Vincenzo Bellini

A te o cara

William Sterndale Bennett

Cast Thy Bread Upon The Waters [High, Low]
Let Thy Mind [High, Low]

Hector Berlioz

Scene 5 (Duet) (Childhood of Christ (L'Enfance du Christ)) [S,B]

Arrigo Boito

Give Thanks Unto God [High, High]

Anton Bruckner

Te ergo quaesumus (Te Deum) [S,A,T,B]

Dudley Buck

The Lord Is My Light [Low, Low]

King Charles I

Upon A Quiet Conscience [High, Low]

Luigi Cherubini

Et in carnatus est (Mass in C) [S I/II,A]
Et in spiritum sanctum (Mass in C) [S,A,T,B]
O Salutaris (Mass in C) [S,T]

Peter Cornelius

The Christ Child [High, High]
The Christ Child [Medium, Low]
The Christmas Tree [High, Low]
The Kings [Medium, Low]
The Shepherds [High, High]

Antonin Dvořák

By The Waters Of Babylon [Medium, Low]
Duo (Stabat Mater) [S, T]
Hear My Prayer [High, High]
I Will Sing New Songs Of Gladness [High, Low]
Quartet (Stabat Mater) [S, A, T, B]
Recordare, Jesu pie (Requiem Mass) [S, A, T, B]
The Lord Is My Shepherd [High, High]

Edward Elgar

All Hail, My child and brother, Hail! (The Dream of Gerontius) [S, T]
At the Beautiful gate (The Kingdom (Jerusalem)) [S, A]
I hear the voices that I left on earth (The Dream of Gerontius) [S, T]

Jean-Baptiste Fauré

Crucifix [High, Low]
Crucifix [S, A]

David Ferdinand

Unto The Hills [High, Low]

Myles B. Foster

Eye Hath Not Seen, Nor Ear Heard [High, Low]
If Ye Then Be Risen With Christ [High, Low]
Is It Nothing To You? [High, Low]
The Night Is Far Spent [High, Low]
There Were Shepherds [High, Low]
Why Seek Ye The Living Among The Dead [High, Low]

Robert Franz

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled [High, High]
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled [Medium, Low]

Francesco Gasparini

Lasciar d’amarti per non penar

Alfred Gaul

They shall hunger no more (The Holy City) [S, A]

Christoph Willibald Gluck

Divinité des grandes âmes
Thanks Be To God [High, Low]

Benjamin Godard

O Thou, Who Madest The Heavens [High, High]
O Thou, Who Madest The Heavens [High, Low]

Charles Gounod

Forever With The Lord [High, Low]
Forever With The Lord [S, A]
Glory To Thee, My God, This Night [High, Low]
O, Divine Redeemer [High, Low]
O, Divine Redeemer [High, Low]
The King Of Love My Shepherd Is [Medium, Low]
There Is Mercy With Thee (Out of Darkness (Psalm 130)) [S, A, T, B]
Until The Day Breaks [High, Low]

Jules Granier

Hosanna! [High, Low]

Edvard Grieg

Dieb und Hehler (Peer Gynt) [B I/II]
Szene mit den Säterinnen (Peer Gynt) [S I/II/III]

Carl Götze

Jesus, Thou Joy Of Loving Hearts [High, Low]

George Frideric Handel

All that is in Hamor mine (Jephtha) [S, M-S, A, T, B]
Along the monster atheist strode (Saul) [A, T, B]
As great Jehovah lives (Saul) [B, T]
At persecution I can laugh (Saul) [S, A]
Awake Thout That Sleepest [Medium, Low]
Be ye sure that the Lord he is God (Chandos Anthem No. 1) [S, B]
Be ye sure that the Lord He is God (Utrecht Jubilate) [A, B]
Come To The Waters [High, Low]
Come, Let Us Make A Joyful Noise [High, Low]
Ev'ry joy that wisdom knows (Solomon) [S, A]
For the Lord is gracious (Chandos Anthem No. 1) [S, T]
For the Lord is gracious (Utrecht Jubilate) [A, T, B]
Freely I to heav'n resign (Jephtha) [S, A]
From this dread scene (Judas Maccabaeus) [S, A]
Go, baffled coward, go (Samson) [A, B]
Hail, lovely virgin (Joshua) [S, A]
Lead Me, Lord [High, Low]
O death, where is thy sting? (Messiah) [A, T]
O fairest of ten thousand fair (Saul) [S, A]
O liberty, thou choicest treasure; Come ever-smiling liberty (Judas Maccabaeus) [S, A]
O Lovely Peace [High, Low]
O lovely peace (Judas Maccabaeus) [S, A]
O spare your daughter (Jephtha) [M-S, A, T, B]
O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness (Chandos Anthem No. 4a) [T, B]
O worship, worship the Lord (Chandos Anthem No. 4) [S< T]
O worship, worship the Lord (Chandos Anthem No. 5b) [A, B]
Our limpid streams (Joshua) [S, A]
Powerful Guardian [High, High]
Powerful Guardian [High, Low]
Powerful Guardian [Medium, Low]
Sing Unto The Lord [High, High]
Sing With Grace In Your Heart [Medium, Low]
Smiling freedom, lovely guest (Deborah) [S, A]
The Lord is a man of war (Israel In Egypt) [B I/II]
The Lord is my strength (Israel In Egypt) [S I/II]
The merciful goodness of the Lord (Chandos Anthem No. 12) [A, B]
The people will tell of their wisdom (Foundling Hospital Anthem) [S I/II]
There Upon A Manger Bed [High, Low]
These labours past (Jephtha) [S, A]
Thou rulest the raging of the sea (Chandos Anthem No. 7) [S, T, B]
Thou sittest at the right hand of God (Dettingen Te Deum) [A, T, B]
Thou, in Thy mercy (Israel In Egypt) [A, T]
To thee, to thee (Theodora) [S, A]
Traitor to love (Samson) [S, T]
Wash me throughly from my wickedness (Chandos Anthem No. 3) [S, T]
Where do thy ardours raise me (Deborah) [S, A]
Whither princess do you fly? (Theodora) [S, M-S]
Who calls my parting soul (Esther) [S, T]
Why so full of grief, O my soul? (Chandos Anthem No. 6a) [S, T]
Why so full of grief, O my soul? (Chandos Anthem No. 6b) [S, A]
Why so full of grief, O my soul? (Chandos Anthem No. 6c) [S, A]
Why so full of grief, O my soul? (Chandos Anthem No. 6d) [T I/II]
Words are weak to paint my fears (Solomon) [S, M-S, A]

F. Flaxington Harker

How Beautiful Upon The Mountains [High, Low]

Franz Joseph Haydn

How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place [High, High]
On Thee Each Living Soul Awaits [High, High]

E. S. Hosmer

Be Glad, O Ye Righteous [T, B]

Edward Howe

In The Cross Of Christ We Glory [S, B]

Bruno Huhn

Be Thou Exalted [Low, Low]

Ferdinand Hummel

Alleluia! [High, Low]
Alleluia! [Medium, Low]

Franz Lachner

My Faith Looks Up To Thee [High, Low]
My Faith Looks Up To Thee [S, A]

Abram Winne Lansing

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah [S, B]

Franz Liszt

Benedictus (Missa Solemnis (Graner Mass)) [S, A, T, B]

Jean Baptiste Lully

Great Peace Have They [Medium, Low]

Benedetto Marcello

Come, Thou Almighty King [High, Low]
Love Divine [Medium, Low]

Felix Mendelssohn

Denn in seiner Hand ist (Psalm 95 (Der 95. Psalm), Op. 46) [S I/II]
Der Herr hat des Tages verheissen (Psalm 42, Op. 42) [S, T I/II, B I/II]
Drum sing' ich mit meinem Leide (Lobgesang (Hymn of Praise), Op. 52) [S, T]
For He shall give His angels (Elijah, Op. 70) [S I/II, A I/II, T I/II, B I/II]
For so hath the Lord (Saint Paul (Schubring, after The Acts of the Apostles), Op. 36) [T, B]
How Beautiful On The Mountains [High, Low]
I Waited For The Lord [S, M-S]
In hac mensa novi Regis (Lauda Sion, Op. 73) [S, A, T, B]
In His hands (Come, Let Us Sing (Psalm 95), Op. 46) [S I/II]
Lift Thine Eyes [High, Low]
Lift thine eyes (Elijah, Op. 70) [S I/II, A]
Man of God (Elijah, Op. 70) [T, B]
My song shall be always Thy mercy (Hymn of Praise (Lobgesang), Op. 52) [S, T]
Night falleth round me (Elijah, Op. 70) [S, B]
Now we are ambassadors (Saint Paul (Schubring, after The Acts of the Apostles), Op. 36) [T, B]
O come, every one that thirsteth (Elijah, Op. 70) [S, A, T, B]
The King Of Love My Shepherd Is [High, High]
The Sabbath Morn [High, Low]
The Secret Place [Medium, Low]
Thy Secret Place [High, High]
Thy Will Be Done [Low, Low]
What have I to do with thee (Elijah, Op. 70) [S, B]

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Benedictus qui venit (Mass in C Minor, K. 427/417a) [S, A, T, B]
Benedictus qui venit (Mass in F, K. 192) [S, A, T, B]
Domine (Mass in C Minor, K. 427/417a) [S I/II]
Et incarnatus est (Mass in C Major (Missa Brevis), K. 258) [S, A, T, B]
Jesus Savior (Ave Verum) [High, Low]
Quoniam (Mass in C Minor, K. 427/417a) [S I/II,T]
Recordare (Requiem in D Minor, K. 626) [S, A, T, B]
Tuba mirum (Requiem in D Minor, K. 626) [S, A, T, B]
Wait On The Lord [Medium, Low]

George B. Nevin

God Will Make All Things Right [High, Low]
Jesus, Word Of God Incarnate [S, A]
My Faith Looks Up To Thee [M-S, B]
The Vesper Hour [Low, Low]

Otto Nicolai

Tarry With Me [S, T]

Giovanni Pergolesi

Amen (Stabat Mater) [S, A]
Facut ardeat cor meum (Stabat Mater) [S, A]
Inflammatus et accensus (Stabat Mater) [S, A]
O quam tristes (Stabat Mater) [S, A]
Quando corpus morietur (Stabat Mater) [S, A]
Quis est homo, qui non fleret (Stabat Mater) [S, A]
Sancta mater (Stabat Mater) [S, A]
Stabat mater dolorosa (Stabat Mater) [S, A]

Ciro Pinsuti

Life Is Passing Away [High, Low]
There Is A Reaper [High, Low]

Henry Purcell

Blow Ye The Trumpet [High, High]

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Hear Us, O Savior [High, Low]

Gioacchino Rossini

Gratias (Petite Messe Solennelle) [A, T, B]
Quando corpus (Stabat Mater) [S, A, T, B]
Qui tollis (Petite Messe Solennelle) [S, A]
Quis est homo (Stabat Mater) [S I/II]
Sancta Mater, Istud agas (Stabat Mater) [S, A, T, B]

Anton Rubinstein

Bow Down Thine Ear [Medium, Low]
Comfort Ye My People [High, Low]
The Angel [High, Low]

Camille Saint-Saëns

Alleluia, Ye heav'ns sing praises (Christmas Oratorio) [S I/II,A,B]
Benedictus (Christmas Oratorio) [S,B]
Come, Blessed Savior [High, Low]
More Love To Thee, O Christ [High, Low]
My soul doth magnify (Christmas Oratorio) [S,T,B]
There were shepherds at night (Christmas Oratorio) [S,A,T,B]

P. A. Schnecker

Jesus, The Very Thought Of Thee [S, A]

Franz Schubert

Benedictus qui venit (Mass No. 1 in F Major (Messe F-dur)) [SI,SII,TI,TII]
Benedictus qui venit (Mass No. 2 in G Major) [S,T,B]
Benedictus qui venit (Mass No. 3 in B-Flat Major) [S,A,T,B]
Engel freuten sich der Wonne (Stabat Mater) [S,T,B]
Erdenfreuden und ihr Elend (Stabat Mater) [S,T,B]
Et incarnatus est (Mass No. 3 in B-Flat Major) [S,A,T,B]
Et incarnatus est (Mass No. 6 in E-Flat Major) [S,TI,TII]
The Good Shepherd [Medium, Low]
The Grand Alleluia [Medium, Low]

Robert Schumann

Ach! Wie ungern brachten wir ihn her! (Requiem for Mignon) [S,A]
Der hehre Engel (Paradise and Peri (Das Paradies und die Peri)) [A,T]
Du herrschtest noch eben (Neujahrslied) [S,A]
Es fällt ein Tropfen (Paradise and Peri (Das Paradies und die Peri)) [S,T,Ch]
Fort streift von hier das Kind (Paradise and Peri (Das Paradies und die Peri)) [A,T]
Hinab zu jenem Sonnentempel! (Paradise and Peri (Das Paradies und die Peri)) [S I/II,T,B]
Im Waldesgrün am stillen See (Paradise and Peri (Das Paradies und die Peri)) [A,T]
O lass mich von der Luft (Paradise and Peri (Das Paradies und die Peri)) [S,T]
So sann sie nach (Paradise and Peri (Das Paradies und die Peri)) [S,A,T,B]
Und wie sie niederwärts (Paradise and Peri (Das Paradies und die Peri)) [S I/II,A I/II,T,B]
Verlassener Jüngling (Paradise and Peri (Das Paradies und die Peri)) [S,T I/II]

Heinrich Schutz

Der Engel zu den Hirten (Christmas Oratorio) [S,T]
Der Engel zu Joseph (Christmas Oratorio) [S,T]
Der Engel zu Joseph (Christmas Oratorio) [S,T]
Herodes (Christmas Oratorio) [T,B]

Harry Rowe Shelley

Christian, The Morn Breaks Away Sweetly O'er Thee [High, Low]
Hark! Hark, My Soul! [High, Low]
The King Of Love My Shepherd Is [High, Low]

Henry Smart

Evening [High, Low]
Faint Not, Fear Not, God Is Near Thee [High, Low]
The Lord Is My Shepherd [High, Low]
The Lord Is My Shepherd [S, A]
The Sabbath Bell [High, Low]
There Was Joy In Heaven [High, Low]
Vox Matutina [High, Low]
When Brighter Suns And Milder Skies [High, Low]
Where The Weary Are At Rest [High, Low]

John Stainer

God So Loved The World [High, High]
God So Loved The World [High, Low]
Love Divine [S, T]
My Hope Is In The Everlasting [Medium, Low]
So Thou Liftest (The Crucifixion) [T,B]

Arthur Sullivan

The Lord Is Risen [High, High]

Ambroise Thomas

Adieu, Mignon!

R. Topliff

Consider The Lillies [High, Low]

Giuseppe Verdi

Domine Jesu (Requiem) [S I/II,T,B]
Lux aeterna (Requiem) [S,T,B]
Quid sum, miser (Requiem) [S I/II,T]
Recordare (Requiem) [S I/II]

Antonio Vivaldi

Laudamus Te (Gloria) [S I/II]

Richard Wagner

Das Liebesverbot, Act I, Part 1
Das Liebesverbot, Act I, Part 2
Das Liebesverbot, Act I, Part 3
Das Liebesverbot, Act I, Part 4
Das Liebesverbot, Act I, Part 5
Das Liebesverbot, Act I, Part 6
Das Liebesverbot, Act II, Part 1
Das Liebesverbot, Act II, Part 2
Das Liebesverbot, Act II, Part 3
Das Liebesverbot, Act II, Part 4
Nur eine Waffe taugt

Alfred Whitehead

Watch Thou, Dear Lord [S, T]

Alfred Wooler

Something For Thee [S, T]